Noke Bluetooth Padlock

noke-worlds-first-bluetooth-padlockThe Noke Bluetooth Padlock is a world first. This is the smartest padlock ever made. The Noke Bluetooth Padlock unlocks when you are nearby with your Android or iPhone, you can share your locks with family and friends and you can keep track of your locks history. This bluetooth padlock saves you looking for your keys (especially in the rain) or trying to remember your lock combination.

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Bang Bang Solar Powered Tent

solar-tentThis Is The World’s First Solar Powered Tent! It allows you to charge your mobile, laptop, speakers, lighting and anything else you can think of. This tent will comfortably sleep 4 people so you and your friends can enjoy camping with the added benefit of having a fully charged mobile and I know we don’t get much sun over here so you can fully charge this tent from home just incase! Festivals will never be the same again!

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