Wall Clock Safe

This is no ordinary wall clock for your home or office. It contains a hidden secret compartment with two shelves to hide your secret stash! The wall clock safe is designed to blend into any environment and can also be used as a real clock!

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Cane Golf Club With Hidden Flask

caneIn the old days it was frowned upon to drink and play golf on a Sunday! This classic walking cane has a golf club head for a handle and when unscrewed the beechwood cane contains a hidden phial which can fit 50ml of liquid. Can also be used a Golf Tournament Trophy.

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Cat Plane Playhouse

cat-playhouse-planeAdd something exciting to your cats daily lives, and watch them do human things like flying a plane! We know cats love a cardboard box and the Cat Plane Playhouse makes that box a little more fun. Complete with spinning propeller this playhouse is perfect for your feline friend. PLEASE NOTE: Not a real plane!

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Rubber Band Gun / Shooter

rubber-band-shooterThis cool gadget lets both kids and big kids enjoy the age old game of flicking rubber bands at people, with an added twist – instead of using your fingers use real power with the Rubber Band Gun! This takes 5 bands which can be done in one shot or in rapid quick fire.

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Wall Socket Safe

plug-safeThis looks and feels just like a normal UK plug socket but is in fact a wall socket safe.
Keep all your valuables hidden from potential thieves, no one would think of the wall socket as a hiding place!

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Puzzlebox Orbit Brain-Controlled Helicopter

This is for you if you are a geek and want something to help you concentrate and relax without the drugs!
Use your brain power to fly this helicopter and use the app to help you make sure you are controlling it properly.  Feel like you are in the future today with this cool geeky gadget!

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Sphero 2.0 App Controlled Robotic Ball

sphero-app-controlled-robotic-ballThe Sphero 2.0 works just like a remote control car, but better! There’s over 25 apps that work with the ball on both Android and iOS. It comes with 2 ramps and has multi-coloured LEDs. Small kids and big kids will love this ball, you get full control over it actually reminds me of the Nokia Classic game Bounce, but in real life, completely changes what gaming is all about! This ball moves at 7 feet per second!

£99.99 Check it out

UNT Mug (CUNT Mug)

This is similar to the OCK (COCK) Mug and DICK Mug but is the UNT Mug! The cleverly designed handle acts as a C so at different angles it could look like a very rude word!
Another classic joke which is not for the politically correct!

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COCK Mug (OCK Mug)

cock-mugSelf explanitory really, an 11 oz durham ceramic mug that says OCK on it with a C on the handle thus becoming the COCK Mug. Both dishwasher and microwave safe this rude and crude mug is an excellent gag for anyone. Similar to the UNT Mug

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Blade Runner Whiskey Glass – Set of 2

blade-runner-whisky-glassThis is one for all those Blade Runner fans. An ultra cool looking retro yet modern whiskey glass as used by Decker in Blade Runner. The Blade Runner Whiskey Glass comes in a set of two hand-blown crystal glass with diagonal cuts at the angles. Imagine how impressed your date will be when you get these glasses out!

£94.99 For 2 Check it out

Bluetooth Laser Keyboard

laser-keyboardSmall enough to fit into your pocket, powerful enough to act as a keyboard for all your devices! Feel like 007 with this portable bluetooth laser keyboard. Works on any flat surface and also has an added mouse feature to track your movements, so is the full package for your PC or Mac! Use this with your iPad to make typing long emails a breeze.

£99.99 Check it out

Twist and Spout

twist-spout-instant-watering-canThe Twist and Spout is one of those clever little inventions where you think “How come this has only just been invented!” It’s so simple even a child can use it. All you have to do is screw it onto any plastic bottle filled with water and voila, you have a watering can!

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iKettle – The World’s First WIFI Kettle

wifi-kettle-ikettleSet the iKettle to boil as soon as you wake up or during that TV show you cannot miss. It even notifies you when its ready will keep it warm for up to half an hour. All this through your smartphone! Coloured skins are available to match your kitchen decor.

£99.99 Check it out

Pizza Boss 3000 Pizza Slicer

pizza-boss-pizza-slicerShow pizza who is boss with this pizza slicer. Made to look like a buzz saw, this slicer comes with a removable stainless steel blade and shield. A great gift for a construction worker or DIY enthusiast, this miniature saw should get people talking. *Definitely not a toy!!

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500XL Giant Earphone Speakers

500XL-giant-earbud-speakersAs the name suggests these speakers are 500 TIMES BIGGER than normal iPhone/iPod earphones! Having an iPod, iPhone, iPad and Macbook is not enough, show off your love of anything Apple with these headphones. They contain a built in amp and can be powered through batteries, USB cable or straight into the wall plug socket. These plug into a normal 3.5mm headphone socket so can be used on any device.

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Port-A-Pint Portable Pocket Pint Glass

port-a-pintThis is not just a brilliant piece of alliteration, it might be a mouthful but its also a portable pint glass that fits into your pocket. Never be without your trusty pint glass again, especially at times when drinking from a can just won’t do/or is considered too chavvy.

£6.40 Check it out

Table Saw – Cake, Cheese & Salad Slicer Knife

table-saw-cake-cheese-slicerBe ultra cool! Imagine cutting a cake in front of your friends with this in your hand. Saw up your salad at home. Great as a gift to a construction worker, a DIY enthusiast or someone who cannot have enough tools! But don’t forget, the Table Saw is not a toy!

£9.24 Check it out

Advanced Jumping Stilts

jumping-stiltsExcellent for fitness and exercise outdoors while having safe and exciting fun. Imagine wearing these jumping stilts when going to the shops! Be the envy of EVERYONE not just your friends! Win every race with the speed these things make you go. Easy to learn so you can be up and practicing in 5-10 minutes and after a few hours you will be walking and jumping confidently. (hopefully without injury)

£229.99 Check it out

Coffee Cup Camera Lens Mug

coffee-cup-camera-lensKnow someone who fancies themselves as bit of a photographer? Or do you love snapping up those memorable moments? Whoever this is for it is the perfect gift! It also comes with a multipurpose lens cover lid for keeping all beverages hot and preventing dust particles. The lid can also be used as a coaster or a novelty holder for the biscuits, so you will no longer need to worry about where to put your chocolate digestives!!

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Bang Bang Solar Powered Tent

solar-tentThis Is The World’s First Solar Powered Tent! It allows you to charge your mobile, laptop, speakers, lighting and anything else you can think of. This tent will comfortably sleep 4 people so you and your friends can enjoy camping with the added benefit of having a fully charged mobile and I know we don’t get much sun over here so you can fully charge this tent from home just incase! Festivals will never be the same again!

£199.99 Check it out

Marshall Fridge

marshall-fridgeThis fridge is made to look like a genuine Marshall Amp using authentic parts and dials. The fridge door has a rack which fits litre bottles and there is a small freezer compartment. A nice fridge for any guitarist fan. Please note buttons and dials are only for aesthetic purposes!

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