UCSK – Ultra Compact Survival Kit

survival-kitThis is an amazing piece of kit – it contains: 1m Paracord, 550lb; Fire Steel, 6.5mm Ø; Liquid-filled Compass; Water Carrier (Condom); Scalpel Blade, #10; 2x Water Purification Tablet; Fire Steel Striker; 2x 1m Brass Snare Wire; Glow Stick; 8m Fishing Line, 6lb; 2x Swivel, Size 10; Hooks: 2x Size 10, 2x Size 8; Sewing Needle; 2x Safety Pin; Cartridge. Oh yeah, the Ultra Compact Survival Kit is also a keyring and comes with instructions!

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I’m A Twat Mug

im-a-twat-mugAnother classic joke mug. This has a hidden message of “I’m A Twat” only visible when the boss, colleague, husband, etc is using it.

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Wall Clock Safe

This is no ordinary wall clock for your home or office. It contains a hidden secret compartment with two shelves to hide your secret stash! The wall clock safe is designed to blend into any environment and can also be used as a real clock!

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Rubber Band Gun / Shooter

rubber-band-shooterThis cool gadget lets both kids and big kids enjoy the age old game of flicking rubber bands at people, with an added twist – instead of using your fingers use real power with the Rubber Band Gun! This takes 5 bands which can be done in one shot or in rapid quick fire.

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Wall Socket Safe

plug-safeThis looks and feels just like a normal UK plug socket but is in fact a wall socket safe.
Keep all your valuables hidden from potential thieves, no one would think of the wall socket as a hiding place!

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UNT Mug (CUNT Mug)

This is similar to the OCK (COCK) Mug and DICK Mug but is the UNT Mug! The cleverly designed handle acts as a C so at different angles it could look like a very rude word!
Another classic joke which is not for the politically correct!

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COCK Mug (OCK Mug)

cock-mugSelf explanitory really, an 11 oz durham ceramic mug that says OCK on it with a C on the handle thus becoming the COCK Mug. Both dishwasher and microwave safe this rude and crude mug is an excellent gag for anyone. Similar to the UNT Mug

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Twist and Spout

twist-spout-instant-watering-canThe Twist and Spout is one of those clever little inventions where you think “How come this has only just been invented!” It’s so simple even a child can use it. All you have to do is screw it onto any plastic bottle filled with water and voila, you have a watering can!

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Pizza Boss 3000 Pizza Slicer

pizza-boss-pizza-slicerShow pizza who is boss with this pizza slicer. Made to look like a buzz saw, this slicer comes with a removable stainless steel blade and shield. A great gift for a construction worker or DIY enthusiast, this miniature saw should get people talking. *Definitely not a toy!!

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Port-A-Pint Portable Pocket Pint Glass

port-a-pintThis is not just a brilliant piece of alliteration, it might be a mouthful but its also a portable pint glass that fits into your pocket. Never be without your trusty pint glass again, especially at times when drinking from a can just won’t do/or is considered too chavvy.

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Table Saw – Cake, Cheese & Salad Slicer Knife

table-saw-cake-cheese-slicerBe ultra cool! Imagine cutting a cake in front of your friends with this in your hand. Saw up your salad at home. Great as a gift to a construction worker, a DIY enthusiast or someone who cannot have enough tools! But don’t forget, the Table Saw is not a toy!

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Coffee Cup Camera Lens Mug

coffee-cup-camera-lensKnow someone who fancies themselves as bit of a photographer? Or do you love snapping up those memorable moments? Whoever this is for it is the perfect gift! It also comes with a multipurpose lens cover lid for keeping all beverages hot and preventing dust particles. The lid can also be used as a coaster or a novelty holder for the biscuits, so you will no longer need to worry about where to put your chocolate digestives!!

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